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We at FNQ Precast have been supplying superior concrete products over 20 years from our base on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. 
Not only do we supply high strength concrete products to the building industry, but we are now developing a range of exceptional products for public space areas including outdoor furniture, sleepers, retaining walls and bollards.  All our products are backed by a 100% guarantee of quality.  You are welcome to call today and we will make every attempt to supply all your precast concrete needs.




Our new Table & Bench Seating

We have just developed a high strength, one-piece, table and bench seating product, ready to be lifted into place in any park or public place. 

These settings are indestructible and can be complemented by a ready-made roof which can be affixed at the time of installation.


Timber Look but Concrete!

We have just developed a range of coloured concrete bollards.  Which colour?  Just about any natural stone finish colour.  

Our bollards, though they look like timber, are strengthened concrete.  Impervious to rot, mould, water, and they will look fantastic for years.  They can be capped off with stainless steel ridge caps and are ready to be dropped straight into the earth, no cementing required!  Call Peter today for a quote!


Perfect Concrete Retaining Walls - Colour Matched!

We can supply solid concrete retaining walls in just about any colour.  Each sleeper fits snuggly in it's own pillar, making your retaining wall ready to last years and years.  No rot, no rust, no future problems.  We believe our product is literally the best on the market.