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We Sell Premium Precast Concrete Products

Concrete Septic / Water Tanks

FNQ Precast supplies three sizes of high-strength, reinforced concrete tanks.

Current sizes include:  1000, 3000 and 4000 litre tanks.  All our tanks come with their own lid specially sized for each tank.

We can build customised lids for any tank.  Call us today.

Septic and Water Tank Lids

Replacement Lids and custom lids made to size 

Pump Well

1000 Capacity concrete pump 

Bollards / Posts

Timber Look Bollards – charcoal colour (other colours available upon request)

1320mm long x 160mm x 160mm            

650mm long x 160mm x 160mm                             

Park / Outdoor Picnic Table & Chairs

2.2metres x 2.4metres Slab Size

Weight approximately 3 Tonne

4 x 2.5 Tonne lifting inserts

40mpa concrete

Grey or  Coloured concrete, Polishing of tabletop and seats upon request

Woodgrain Look Stepping Stones

Charcoal colour (other colours available upon request)

1100mm x 1100mm x 60mm

Fence Posts

Fence Post reinforced concrete  in 3 sizes

1.9 Long 1340  above ground 560mm in ground and already predrilled (5 strand wire holed)  

Looks Like A Tank, Storage Unit

Retaining Wall System Wood Grain Posts & Rails

All Post & Rails available  in - charcoal colour (other colours available upon request)

Corner Posts –(a) 90 degree and (b) 45 degree  (c) Intermediate Post & (d) End Post All Post available  in 5 sizes   2.1, 1.8, 1.6, 1.2 metres long & 800mm Long                                            

Sleepers / Rails between Posts available in 3 sizes  2.1 1.6 and 1.1 Long

Dog Bowls

One of our more unusual products are our concrete bowls which can be used in a number of applications but are being used by many as a dog bowl. These bowls are practically indestructible, cyclone proof, dog bite proof and can be made in a colour of your choice!

Structual Form

Car Park Wheel Stops

We provide some of the best wheel stops available in Australia.  They are high strength, can be coloured, are 100 mm high, and come with mounting holes so they can be easily affixed in your carpark/garage. 


1650 mm long x 150 mm wide x 100 mm high                           


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